{FanExpo 2010 Rant/Con Haul}

So here’s a video about how FanExpo was and what I bought.

Since I couldn’t edit it with the pics here are some pics from the con:

{Anime North 2010- Con Haul}

So I was watching Glee while I was taping. :3
As well if you hear running water in the background I actually have three fish tanks in my room. So… yeah. n_n

Award Winning Skit (I was the first model)
The Beguiling
Anime North Website

Love Celeb
Paradise Kiss
Bird Kiss (No Review yet)
Hot Gimmick
President Dad (No Review yet)
Honey and Clover
Aishiteruze Baby (No Review yet)
High School Debut
Vampire Knight
BODY (No Review yet)
Usagi Drop