Fundari, Kettarim Aishitari manga. Heroine and male lead smoking together

Fundari, Kettari, Aishitari

Name: Fundari, Kettari, Aishitari
MangakaIchiya, Sumi

Volumes: 4 (Ongoing)
Scanlations: V.03 Ch.14 (2024)
Type: Manga
Genre: Slice of Life, Comedy, Drama
Age Group: Mature

Kaho is busy working hard every day and is exhausted both mentally and physically. Her only recourse is drinking with the handsome Akira, who indulges in drinking, smoking, fighting and having fun with women. She truly thought they were able to become quite good friends without any romantic feelings between them – until that night…

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Graphics Rating: 4/5
Plot Rating: 4/5

Opinion: I love this series so much and I know I’m gonna get flack for it, it starts off with dub-con. But otherwise I feel like this series is such a life-like depiction of adulthood and the complicated and messy relationships we can get into.

I love the art. The art is very detailed but still feels mature. I love the fashions the heroine wears she always feels like a strong independent women wearing designer clothes. The ML is also very handsome and fashionable which makes sense since he’s a “playboy”.

So the reason EVERYONE hates this series is the heroine and the ML have sex in the first chapter after a night of drinking. The heroine is very upset by this afterwards and tries to avoid the ML but keeps running into him and realizes she misses the friendship. It is dubious consent as the heroine plays it off as a regretful one night rather than sexual assault. And honestly, it sucks, but it’s a key pivot point for the story.

I love the heroine and the ML banter and the story after all that ends up being extremely thoughtful. It shows a messy and complicated friendship/relationship that I haven’t experienced, but I’ve seen a lot of my friends go through. This type of relationship is rarely shown with the maturity the heroine approaches it with and it’s really interesting.

Overall this series is an analysis of the heroine’s approach to adult-hood. What should she be doing on what timeline? In Japan most women leave their work when they get married but our heroine loves her job. She enjoys her leisure time at bars with friends which won’t line up with married life either.

If you enjoy Josei and slice of life series give this a try past volume 1. The first volume is definitely dramatic but the story becomes so rich in volume 2 I’d hate for anyone to sleep on it.

Final Rating: 4/5

Extra: n/a

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My Girlfriend's Child manga

My Girlfriend’s Child

Name: My Girlfriend’s Child
MangakaAoi Mamoru

Volumes: 7 (Ongoing)
Licensed: Seven Seas Entertainment (3 Volumes: Digital (App) / Paperback OOP)
Type: Manga
Genre: Slice of Life/Drama
Age Group: Teen

Sachi and her boyfriend Takara are a young couple in high school. They go to school together, hang out, and even engage in the more intimate side of dating. However, after a recent evening of sex, Sachi gets the feeling that something isn’t right and buys a pregnancy test. Later, in the bathroom of a family restaurant far from her home, she sees the two red lines that will change her life forever. A tender and honest look at the realities of teen pregnancy.

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Graphics Rating: 4/5
Plot Rating: 4/5

Opinion: I’m a big fan of slice of life so when I saw this was getting published I pre-ordered 100%. I’ve read three volumes and so far it has completely delivered the experience I was expecting.

The art is very unique compared to other shoujo. It’s very “sketchy” but still so beautiful and filled with so much emotion. I don’t think it’s like art I’d love on a wall or anything but it matches the vibes of the series really well.

The story is great. If you’re in for a serious drama about two high schoolers dealing with teen pregnancy you’re ready. For three volumes now everything has had a very serious tone about it and I really love the realistic portrayal of teen pregnancy. I really love this series and can’t wait to read it to the end.

If you aren’t a fan of serious topics that are a bit gloomy, or the slow pace of slice of life, you probably won’t enjoy this.

Final Rating: 4/5

Extra: N/A

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Basara Manga Image of Sarasa and Ageha


Name: Basara
MangakaTamura Yumi

Volumes: 27 (Complete)
Licensed: Viz (27 Volumes: Digital (App) / Paperback OOP)
Type: Manga
Genre: Adventure/Action/Fantasy/Drama
Age Group: Teen

Basara is a post-apocalyptic fantasy adventure series and one of the most popular shôjo manga of the 90s in Japan. It is the story of how a young girl becomes “the child of destiny” and finds the strength to free her people and seek revenge for the death of her brother.

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Graphics Rating: 3/5
Plot Rating: 4/5

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Nana Komatsu and Nana Osaki by Ai Yazawa


Name: Nana
MangakaAi Yazawa

Volumes: 21 (Hiatus)
Licensed: Viz (21 Volumes: Digital/Paperback)
Type: Manga
Genre: Drama/Slice of Life
Age Group: Older Teen

Nana Komatsu is a young woman who’s endured an unending string of boyfriend problems. Moving to Tokyo, she’s hoping to take control of her life and put all those messy misadventures behind her. She’s looking for love and she’s hoping to find it in the big city. Nana Osaki, on the other hand, is cool, confident and focused. She swaggers into town and proceeds to kick down the doors to Tokyo’s underground punk scene. She’s got a dream and won’t give up until she becomes Japan’s No. 1 rock’n’roll superstar.

This is the story of two 20-year-old women who share the same name. Even though they come from completely different backgrounds, they somehow meet and become best friends. The world of Nana is a world exploding with sex, music, fashion, gossip and all-night parties.

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Graphics Rating: 5/5
Plot Rating: 5/5

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Game Between The Suits

Game Between the Suits

Name: Game Between the Suits
MangakaNishitaka Mai

Volumes: 5 (Ongoing)
Licensed: Seven Seas Entertainment (2 Volumes: Digital/Physical)
Type: Manga
Genre: Josei/Drama
Age Group: Mature

Sayo is a “modern” and uninhibited woman whose greatest passion, however, is her work. Her workaholics ended up removing all the men with whom she had a relationship, who complained about how much Sayo was “married” to her work. One day, a new employee starts working in her company; Ryouichi Kiriyama seems different from any other man she has ever met, but she still doesn’t know that underneath Kiriyama’s facade, he hides something else…
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Graphics Rating: 4/5
Plot Rating: 3/5

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