Love Phantom Shoujo Manga

Love Phantom

Name: Love Phantom
MangakaMitsuki Kako

Volumes: 11 (Ongoing)
Scanlations: V.01 Ch.05 (Jan 2020)
Type: Manga
Genre: Drama/Josei
Age Group: Older Teen

Momoko is just a normal waitress who works at a cafe, but suddenly a fateful romance appears right in front of her….
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Graphics Rating: 4/5
Plot Rating: 3/5

Opinion: What always inspires me to read shoujo/josei manga is that squeeze in my chest as the heroine falls in love. While this series so far lacks a lot of substance the feelings really come across and I’m enamored.

The art really knocks it all out of the park. The male lead is drawn SO HANDSOMLY it takes my breath away. The heroine almost looks like a high schooler though, but still super cute and unique to this specific manga-ka. This series is technically an age-gap series as the male lead is supposed to be “middle-aged”. You can’t really tell from the art though.

As for plot I’ll admit I’m only on the first volume and there isn’t much interesting. The main characters fall in love at first sight. He likes to devote all of himself to his work and she’s just a young thing. With 11 volumes and ongoing I can’t wait to see how the rest of the series plays out.

My one complaint that I will add is the translations are a bit hard to read. I have nothing but respect for Chibi Manga Scanlators and I know everyone is volunteering their time to these projects. That said some of the translations are VERY difficult to understand and I would have to read them over. Or I would only understand after seeing a few pages with the images.

Final Rating: 4/5

Extra: I really love this manga-ka and highly recommend another one of her series that is also age gap: Ai Hime

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Star Crossed Shoujo Manga by Junko

Star Crossed!!

Name: Star Crossed!! (Oshi ga Watashi de Watashi ga Oshi de)

Volumes: 4 (Complete)
Licensed: Kodansha (3 Volumes: Digital and Print)
Type: Manga
Genre: Comedy
Age Group: Teen

Azusa lives for only one man: Chika-kun, of the idol group Prince 4 U. But when she accidentally dies trying (and failing) to save him, she can’t believe her luck—to be in literal Heaven with the man she loves! But never one to lie, God says this one is on him, and sends them both back to continue their lives … but there’s just one little problem. Their souls have been sent to the wrong bodies! And not only that—they can switch back and forth by kissing? What on Earth does fate have in store for them?
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Graphics Rating: 4/5
Plot Rating: 4/5

Opinion: Considering I could never get used to Kiss Him Not Me I wasn’t sure how much I’d like this series. I bought the first volume and was instantly OBSESSED. This series was so funny and so wonderful in so many ways, I binged the first 3 volumes instantly. (My poor budget)

The art is really amazing. It is very modern but very unique in it’s own way. The author mainly writes yaoi and honestly yaoi mangaka have the best art style usually. The guys are obviously drawn super handsome and the girl is super cute as well.

Biggest draw of this series is the comedy. The heroine is a prim and proper high school president during the day, and a near psychotic obsessed fan girl in her free time. The heroines crazy antics are balanced by the emotionally constipated male lead who gradually learns how to express himself from the heroine.

This series ended up being very cute with many “doki doki” moments. I think above that despite the switched bodies genre being popular this series still manages to stand above as super unique. Can’t wait for the last volume!

If you enjoy shoujo with a bit of comedy and have ever been a “Fan Girl” this is a must read!

Final Rating: 4/5

Extra: From the Mangaka of the wildy popular “Kiss Him Not Me!

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Top 4 Shoujo: Age Gap

Top 4: Age Gap Shoujo Manga

There’s something so wonderful in the taboo and especially when it comes to Shoujo Manga. What’s more taboo than a teenager dating an adult? Continuing my “Top 4” series I list some of my favourite series in each popular “genre” of shoujo.

Since Age Gap is such a popular genre in shoujo manga I wanted to set some ground rules when searching. Basically why do people love this genre so much? These series include adults and teens and are steamy romantic. That being said, sometimes it is creepy, so I’ll avoid those ones. What’s your favourite Age Gap series? Let me know in the comments!

Note: These are not in an order I love them all in their own special way! Also! All these series are complete and bingeable ;)

Kinkyori Renai (Loves Reach)

The most popular sub-genre of age gap shoujo is definitely teacher and student. Who didn’t have a major crush on some hot young teacher in high school?

Kinkyori Renai is without a doubt my favourite teacher/student series. In a rare combo this series also has the Heroine as a Tsundere making the series irresistible.

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Love So Life

Another key sub-genre in age gap series is the “substitute family”. A heroine thrown out on her own left to rely on an adult man to take care of her. While the set up is mildly creepy, this series is the best of that sub-genre and manages to stay sweet as pie.

Love So Life is a heartwarming adorable series about a high school girl just trying to find a home. The kids she takes care of are a super cute sprinkle on top. A great read if you’re looking for a WHOLESOME slow romance age gap series.

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Hana to Akuma

For variety I knew I wanted to add in a supernatural series. While my heart was torn between this series and Black Bird, the latter did end up being a little creepy.

All the series listed have a popular sub-genre and Hana to Akuma is no different. The age gap in this series is from the “father figure”. Hana is adopted and raised by the male lead but the series isn’t creepy by any means! Very sweet slow romance but very well rounded series.

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Kiss Me at the Stroke of Midnight

This series is one of the most recent age gap series I’ve read/collected. It is also the healthiest relationship in this collection I’ve gathered. While none of the selected series are creepy, this series actually promoted proper communication. Super refreshing to read!

The sub genre for this series is: Celebrity! Our Heroine becomes entangled with a popstar turned actor. They definitely face many challenges due to their age gap it still feels very sweet. Not to mention many fun steamy moments.

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High Teen Boogie Manga

High Teen Boogie

Name: High Teen Boogie
MangakaGotou Yukio

Volumes: 26 (Complete)
Scanlations: V.03 Ch.25 (Jan 2020)
Type: Manga
Genre: Drama/Josei
Age Group: Older Teen

Momoko is one of the brightest students at school, but the school is a bit overrun by delinquents from a motorcycle gang. In fact, the person who has the next desk has never come to class. Then one day she gets the upper hand on one of these bikers and they actually strike up a bit of a friendship, with the potential for more. Of course, it turns out that he’s the leader of the bike gang, and the student in the next seat who has been missing this entire year.
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Graphics Rating: 4/5
Plot Rating: 3/5

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Sister Site Shoujo Henshin

New Sister Site: Shoujo Henshin

I just wanted to take some time out to promote a new shoujo review website Shoujo Henshin. I met the owner on R/Shoujo and offered to help them out with a promo.

This cute site is everything shoujo:

  • Volume by volume reviews
  • Shoujo Releases
  • Top Shoujo Lists
  • and more!

My goal with this website has always been to promote shoujo manga! I’m always happy to support other likeminded friends!