Where to buy Shoujo Manga

Where to buy Manga

A lot of people have asked, where do you get your manga?! You can buy them from a variety of different places.


There are a bunch of stores you can get manga from depending on where you live. In Canada there are stores such as Chapters. In America I think there is Indigo. A lot of regular comic books stores have manga. You will have to look around the different book stores in your area to find all the good stores! In Canada you can get some manga from 10$-15$, while in America it’s from 9$-12$. You will need to find out the prices in your area though. ^^


Conventions are really good for buying manga. It’s a lot cheaper. At con’s you can usually get a manga without taxes, and in canda a lot of the manga are the American price! Then there are also special deals, (ex. Buy 2 get one free/Buy 4 for 30$)

Unfortunately alot of people cannot attend any con’s, because there are none in their area. You can try looking for conventions in your area from “Anime Insider(Tm)” the magazine, or even checking on google.


If you have totally horrible conditions without manga, you can always borrow manga from your friends, or go and find out if your local library carries manga. Some High school libraries are known to carry manga. You just have to look around. ^^


There are plenty of online legal readers to buy from either directly from the publisher or on online stores. For more information about purchasing online manga click here.

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