About Kitteh

I created this website to provide people ideas for new shoujo manga.
It’s also a way to communicate awesome books and products with my friends, especially the ones who have moved away. D:
I’ve read hundreds on hundreds of shoujo manga and love sharing the series with everyone.
I also want to make these series more accessible to everyone by posting where you can download everything or where you can read it online. I think it’s really important that fans should stick together!
I will never post a picture without pointing out what manga it came from, unless I don’t know either… but I rarely post those photos. If I miss one just yell at me haha.

Known all over the web as Kitteh, Kitteh-13, Kitteh13


Karnevale on Neopets


Kitteh_13 on Mangaupdates and Kitteh13 on Mangafox

TiffanyMunro on Youtube

I love filming, books, and technology.

List of all Manga Reviewed on Mangaupdates HERE

XoXo Kitteh

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  1. Hey Just wanted to say thank you for making this site. It is really amazing and I get so excited when there is an update to my favorite category. Keep up the good work! <3

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