Honey & Clover

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Name: Honey & Clover
Manga-ka: Umino, Chika

Licensed: Viz {Serialized in Shoujo Beat}
Volumes: 10 (Complete)
Type: Manga
Genre: Josei/Romance/Drama/Comedy
Age Group: Older Teen

Summary: Takemoto lives in a run-down student apartment, where his greatest worry is when he’ll next be able to afford to eat meat and whether he’ll get to class on time. Although he’s away from home and living on his own, Takemoto is far from finished growing up. Along with his crazy cast of friends, Morita, Mayama, Yamada, and Hagumi, Takemoto sets out to discover life and his true self. –Mangaupdates

Graphics Rating: 3/5
Plot Rating: 4/5

Opinion: Sorry the Summary is so painful but that’s generally what it is. Its got more of a TV show vibe then movie. New things happen all the time. BUT, when all is said and done this series is GREAT. Graphics are a bit sketchy (tee-hee) but I’d say they are more unique then bad. You can get used to them cause the story is so AWESOME. The reason I put Older Teen is because this series would be really, really, painfully, boring to most people in their early teens. To be honest I hated it when it first came out in Shoujo Beat but now I CRAVE it. Morita is hilarious! There are so many funny moments. And although the romantic side isn’t there screaming at you, it’s fairly obvious. I hope to one day own this series when I’m not poor :) So go out there and read it!

Final Rating: 3/5

Extra: There’s and anime and a drama. Also, a Movie! I know for sure the movie is licensed I’m not so sure about the others.

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