High Teen Boogie Manga

High Teen Boogie

Name: High Teen Boogie
MangakaGotou Yukio

Volumes: 26 (Complete)
Scanlations: V.03 Ch.25 (Jan 2020)
Type: Manga
Genre: Drama/Josei
Age Group: Older Teen

Momoko is one of the brightest students at school, but the school is a bit overrun by delinquents from a motorcycle gang. In fact, the person who has the next desk has never come to class. Then one day she gets the upper hand on one of these bikers and they actually strike up a bit of a friendship, with the potential for more. Of course, it turns out that he’s the leader of the bike gang, and the student in the next seat who has been missing this entire year.
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Graphics Rating: 4/5
Plot Rating: 3/5

Opinion: While I’m really enjoying this series I have a lot to say and it will include some spoilers but I will mark the spoilers! So this series is actually super unique as it was made in the 70’s!

Hands down my favourite thing about this series is the art. It obviously reminds me of another classic older series Mars. I will admit Mars is much better in art and in story, it’s hard not to draw a comparison what with rich bad boys on motorcycles dating homeless studious heroines. The art is super unique and animated but it can get a quite scrambled to see from time to time. It definitely feels more rough than current manga.

The plot is fun and super stereotypical. Snobby delinquent rich boy rebels by leading a motorcycle gang. The heroine is a soft spoken studious Cinderella who is abused by her adoptive aunt and cousins. While many played out tropes occur it goes down a lot smoother understanding these are where tropes started. I’m excited to see where this goes! I’m on volume 3 of 26 and it’s already over the top dramatic so I have no idea where it will end up.

CW Rape/Spoilers:

I really needed to add this to the review because it’s by far the worst plot twist and so unbelievable. In the first volume (or early second) a rival female orders the male leads old gang to gang rape the heroine. And they do. And for some reason the heroine continues to the third volume not realizing she was raped? And she suddenly starts vomiting? Because she is pregnant? What?

I just needed to add this because I was so incredibly confused I was messaging my group chat while I was reading. It plays out so ridiculously there’s no trauma at all despite the entirely wild traumatic experience.

That being said all this has happened in 3 volumes of 26. If you’re not a fan of wild drama, and I mean WILD DRAMA, then this is definitely not for you.

Final Rating: 3/5

Extra: N/A

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Story of Our Unlikely Love by Mizuki Sora Manga

The Story of Our Unlikely Love

Name: The Story of our Unlikely Love (Kimi ga Kirai na Koi no Hanashi)
Mangaka: Mizuki Sora

Volumes: 2 (Complete)
Licensed: Kodansha (1 Volume)
Type: Manga
Genre: High School
Age Group: Teen

Good-natured Chihiro Hiyoshi takes being the class rep seriously, but her partner, Haruka Kizaragi does not. He’s got too many rumors swirling around him, but when a chance meeting brings them into each other’s lives for just a moment, they form an unsteady bond. But bad boy Haruka may be too much for a good girl like Chihiro to handle…but something in her may have just awoken a hidden softness in him, too.
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Graphics Rating: 4/5
Plot Rating: 3/5

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A man kissing a girl, scene from Abe-kuns got me now manga

Abe-kun’s Got me Now

Name: Abe-kun’s Got me Now
Mangaka: Iwai Aki

Volumes: 5 (ongoing)
LicensedKodansha (2)
Type: Manga
Genre: Slice of Life, Comedy
Age Group: Teen

Talk about losing to an irritating guy who is in love with you!!! A run away and be chased after all out love chase! “Don’t get careless” said Akari but after a 2 day 1 night stay at a Karate Club summer camp the members around all misunderstood that she is Abe’s girlfriend?!!
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Graphics Rating: 4/5
Plot Rating: 4/5

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Snapshot from A Sign of Affection by Suu Morishita

A Sign of Affection

Name: A Sign of Affection (Yubisaki to Renren)
Mangaka: Suu Morishita

Volumes: 1 (Ongoing)
Releases: V.02 (Ongoing)
Type: Manga
Genre: Josei, Slice of Life
Age Group: Older Teen

Summary:  Yuki is a typical college student, whose world revolves around her friends, social media, and the latest sales. But when a chance encounter on a train leads to her meeting friend-of-a-friend and fellow student Itsuomi-san, her world starts to widen. But even though Itsuomi-kun can speak three languages, sign language isn’t one of them. Can the two learn to communicate the budding feelings between them?

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Graphics Rating: 5/5
Plot Rating: 5/5

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Boy carries girl on back laughing, from manga Baby I love you by Komori Mikko

I Love You Baby

Name: I Love You Baby
Mangaka: Komori Mikko

Volumes: 4 (Complete)
Licensed: Unlicensed
Releases: V.04 (Complete)
Type: Manga
Genre: Slice of Life
Age Group: Everyone

Summary:  You are the “first” of everything for me who is afraid of guys.

A 7th grade girl by the name of Mirei is not allowed to do anything after school due to her strict parents, but one day she goes out on her own after her mom has left for work. That day, she meets a boy that seems to be younger than her. What will become of this meeting.


Graphics Rating: 5/5
Plot Rating: 5/5

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