{Life/Con Bravo Post}

What an eventful summer. Two days we had an earthquake which broke our toilet.
(Southern Canada will get a similar earthquake every 5 to 10 years!)
I’ve been working ten hour shifts and tomorrow I’ll be working a 14 hour shift. I can taste my PS3.
I’ve been staying out till 4am and waking up at 4pm partying it up at parks, playgrounds, movies theaters. (Saw Toystory 3 and Karate Kid)
Now I realized I have to finish those two chapters for Willful Muse. (GAH)

Again the scanlation world is hitting turbulence but I’m sure we can come through this! :)
I will be soon making a page on how to use IRC or even a link cause I dunno if I can explain it properly D:

When: Saturday July 4th and Sunday June 5th
Where: Holiday Inn at 590 Argus Rd, Oakville, Ontario, Canada
Cost: 20$ for the whole weekend
Guests: Svetlana Chmakova author of Dramacon!
Website: HERE
Facebook Group: HERE

So this is a convention started by my friends. I’ll be around always volunteering.
I WILL be at the Hentai Panel at 1:00am if it doesn’t completely conflict with my tech responsibilites at the AWESOME dance.
If you are female and interested in talking about smut and show up at the panel we can chat ;) I’ll talk hentai too! (18+)
Hit up the comments if you are planning on coming and we could all meet!


Thanks for your continued support! I leave you with Rainism by (OMG) Rain! *He is hot*

XOXO Kitteh

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