{News: Anti-Piracy Coalition}

So the shit has finally hit the proverbial fan.
Japan and basically everyone in the manga business has decided to crack down on scanlators and distributors alike.
This has sent some scanlators running to IRC and you will notice that online readers like Mangafox and AnimeA will be taking down licensed series. I’m not sure if this will also affect Manga Traders, but overall the news is bad news bears for all of us.

Please contact me about any broken links to keep the site updated. Just leave a comment on the series.

Thanks in advance!

XOXO Kitteh

Info on the whole thing:
Manga Jouhou

{EDIT – June 25th, 2010}
So yeah it really is affecting the online readers hard. Mangafox has officially taken down all of Tokyopops stuff and it looks like some extra stuff too. Continue with the help! Thanks!

Statement from Mangafox

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