*Featured image from I Love you Baby by Komori Mikko

I just wanted to say I love how popular the website has become in the past year due to my SEO efforts. I love that I’m reaching more people and making shoujo manga easier to find for so many people! I know hardly anyone ends up on the main page, let alone reads my life posts, but just know I’m so proud of this project.

I’m sorry posts haven’t been as consistent, I know it’s pretty normal for the past ten years of the website but you would think with Canada locked down I would have more spare time. Unfortunately I don’t, I’m still working 40 hrs a week from home which isn’t optimal but it’s the best shot we’ve got. I’m also mildly addicted to Animal Crossing?

I have friends and family I want to see, but friends and family I want to protect. Stay inside! Read manga!

I hope to have more reviews coming up. Even if I I’m not reviewing I’m ALWAYS reading manga so lots more to come. Lots of love everyone, stay safe!

I know not everyone reads the life updates but I do enjoy going back and reading them. I had a good streak going and disappeared for over two months! Story is, I moved!

It was quite sudden my boyfriend went to an interview two towns over on a Friday in January. Started on the Monday and by Tuesday we realized we needed to move!

Moving was a whirlwind of finding a place, viewing it, applying, and then packing up our lives and actually moving. I have hands down the best friends in the world as the move went so well.

The good news is I’m finally moved in and relaxed and ready to continuing updating the website. I have continued to read in my down time so I have quite a few series to review.

To all new guests: Welcome! To all old friends thank you for supporting this hobby of mine.

xo Kitteh

Name: Kyou no Kira-kun (kira-kun Today)
Mangaka: Mikimoto Rin

Volumes: 9 (Complete)
Licensed: Kodansha (V.04)
Scanlations: V.07 Ch.26 
Scanlator: Chibi Manga
Type: Manga
Genre: Drama
Age Group: Teen

Summary: In 360 days, there were bright days and disappointment while I was staring at you. Though they were neighbors, Nino and Kira had never talked to each other.
But when Nino found out about Kira’s secret, her life changes and everyday became more interesting!!
Their link will lead them to a love close to paradise.

Manga Updates

I’m back. Like a wanderlust fool I have journeyed through life the past two years and completely left my website. (Although I have checked to make sure it wasn’t COMPLETELY broken every month and continue to pay my fees!) But yeah, just checked in recently and couldn’t believe it was almost 2 years since I had updated. That’s nuts.

Since we last met my life has been on a steady upward trajectory. Happy family, happy romance, amazing job, and there is just no excuse to not come back to what I love. I’ve never stopped reading because I could never but reviewing just kind of fell to the side. But no more. This will be my year to shine.

New Changes
1) Weekly Scheduled Updates – To avoid me just coming on strong and burning out I’m going to stick with 1 review each week released on Saturday. (Rejoice) Any extras I read will be scheduled in advance for those weeks where I am busy.

2) More News/More Community – I want to be with you guys, my people, I want to be friends! I also want my website to have more informational content. Helpful stuff! News ranging from upcoming series, Licensing, ect.

This main push will be done through my Facebook Page. If you give my Page a like I promise to post interesting and useful information. I will also give links to my older favourite stuff so you don’t have to go through my whole website ect.

3) Lets communicate – I want a bigger input on what you’re reading. What should I review next? What kind of information will be useful to you? Do you want a personalized recommendation? I can do that lets chat!

4) Website Overhaul – I know my website is swamped with broken links/outdated info/missing graphics. I will go forward with making sure everything is up to date.

Thank you guys for sticking with me! Let’s make 2016 amazing! :3

*Mademoiselle Butterfly

Hey guys, I realize that once more I’ve ghosted, and I apologize.

This post may come off as maybe too personal for some but I’ve always seen this site as a great way to communicate with some friends I don’t see often. I also often have had little journal entries like this and they are interesting to look back on.

I’ve been gone since September but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been reading manga. Manga is still such an important part of my life. I’m almost up to 1000 books and I’m totally running out of space in my room!

One of the reasons I haven’t updated with new series is that I found a lot of the new series coming out were all yaoi. Yaoi is the opposite of my “thing” and it is extremely important to me to have a website dedicated to just shoujo and josei since it’s something that I always wanted. Trying to look for josei or shoujo I would always find yaoi and I just… don’t like it? So I’ve spent a lot of time re reading what I have and catching up on those on going series I reviewed three years ago. (It’s so much!)

Secondly my personal life has kinda of been from one extreme to the next since September. September 19th while I was at work my father passed away suddenly and unexpectedly from a heart attack. All year he had been in and out of the hospital due to arthritis but never anything life threatening. He had just been to the hospital in the morning for some tests and passed away when he got home.

I’ve found it incredibly difficult to deal with since it was so sudden. It’s crazy to go from seeing someone every day and sharing your life with someone and just suddenly without warning they aren’t there anymore. It’s been four months but it’s crazy how there are still days I just want to stay home cry and sleep.

Once my dad passed away my life has been up and down with dealing with everything that comes after. Dealing with our house and family drama it’s crazy. The structure of my own life was shaken.

It’s difficult but I feel like I’m finally getting back to my “routine”.

I hope you all have had a better time since September! I’m hoping you enjoyed your holidays and I hope your New Years was amazing!
I want this year to be the best, I want to be more structured and organized.

I’m looking forward to a new year with you guys!

xoxo Kitteh

*Sarashi Asobi

Hey I turned 22 yesterday on the 13th! Due to complications with the sit (all better now!) I couldn’t upload it earlier. So same as the past few years I post some of my favourite series!

Hana Yori Dango

Skip Beat

Nounai Poison Berry

Sarashi Asobi

A Couple of epics in there but so worth the read. Hunting down and collecting Boys over Flowers was a fun hobby in itself for a year! Cheers!

xoxo Kitteh

No matter where I go or what I do I always come back!
Ah, feels so good to be reviewing again!

New and improved! The banner is now click-able!
If you have been following me forever you would know that three years ago I tried to make the banner clickable and nearly deleted the entire website. I sat and cried for two hours. Haha.

I see quite a few of you joining the facebook group and that’s so awesome!
Keep it up and I’ll make it worth your while ;)

Also, do you guys miss the weekly updates of scanlations?
I was thinking about putting them on the twitter. Good idea? Bad?

ALSO ALSO! Wishing all you Americans an early Thanksgiving!
On Thursday I will leave on another trip, this time to the grand New York New York.
AKA New York City! I’m going over for a shopping trip during Black Friday until Sunday.
Which is exciting since being from Canadada this will be my first Black Friday and +, NEW YORK!
So if I disappear for a bit… yeah.

xoxo Kitteh

More 2NE1 with “I am the Best”

*Hakuji (When I think wet I think of changing lol)

I’m updating again! Yay!
I don’t know where you guys are but if you are on the East Coast in Canada or more so the US you are probably currently expiriencing Hurricane Sandy. In the states you have it off the worst but in Canada it’s been rainy and super windy as well with power outages ect.
I just want you guys to know I hope you are safe wherever you are and take care during this stormy weather.

Also! On Thursday I will be leaving my home in Canadada for Youma-Con, Detroit’s biggest anime convention.
This will be my first American convention so I’m excited. I actually haven’t been to the states since NY City four years ago!
Anyone else going? Wanna party? ;)
Just hoping Sandy will be done by then. (Probably not)

Anyways I am updating again. (Won’t jinx it)
I’m going to be at Youmacon this weekend.
And stay safe!

xoxo Kitteh
2NE1 – I Love You

*Pheromomania Syndrome

Hi my beautiful lovely lovelies.
I know I’ve been gone a month (or so) and a few things have happened.
I dropped one of my best friends and then went head strong into working.
You think I’d have more time off just doing work rather then work and school, but not really.

Month of September I’ve been working every day except Saturdays. (Even holidays)
I’m having fun and making mad money so who cares. :)
I work at Party City, so Halloween is our “Christmas” so it shall remain busy until the end of the month.

My free time then has been divided between the Sims, my new Wii (Twilight Princess), and friends/family.
I haven’t been reading much at all other then the new releases this month. (OMG SKIP BEAT)

Give me suggestions and I will do my best to read and review.
If you take the finding new stuff out of the equation I definitely have time to sit and read, then review.

Anyways, love you, miss you, hopefully I’ll be more active soon.
xoxo Kitteh

Wonder Girls – Like Money

*Boku something something lol

So I pulled out all the stops at my ConBravo panel tonight! I’m making this now on Thursday and this will publish at midnight tomorrow. No idea how my panel is going to go (or if anyone will show up) but I’ll give it my best!

Shoujo: Dengeki Daisy
Josei: Suppli
RedKomi: Fetish
Smut (Josei): Candy Life
Smut (Shoujo): Hot Gimmick
Fantasy Josei: Ilegenes
Manhwa: Bride of the Water God

Unique Art: Usagi Drop
Strong Female Lead: Hana no Kishi
Kind Love Interest: Kimi ni Todoke
No/Low Romance: Oresama Teacher
Male Lead: Men’s Kou
Low/No Cliches: Hakuji
Unpredictable: The Tarot Cafe

Honourable Mentions:
Oboreru Knife
Cat Street
Kingyo Sou

If you are interested in personal recommendations I now have an email specifically for that! (Yay)
E-Mail me at

Also! Expect a contest SOON!

xoxo Kitteh