{I apologize/HAPPY CANADA DAY! :3}

So I have to apologize for disappearing now and hereafter for a couple of weeks.
I’ve been at my friends house for the past 4 days preparing for ConBravo (COMECOMECOME!).
Once we are done that we are going to my friends cottage and then coming back to Lady Gaga’s concert. (win)
Don’t worry, I’m depressed too. I just bought my PS3 yesterday with Assassins Creed, Prince of Persia, Bayonetta, and Resonance of Fate.

Happy Canada Day.
The new layout is gonna be red and white to celebrate.
It will be Canada day everyday for the whole month of July.
Sorry guys, no red white and blue. Ever.

Manga: Hana ni Nare Arashi (I’m an idiot. My bad :P)
Credit: me
Brushes: psbrushes.net

Leave you with Abracadabra by Brown Eyed Girls (WIN)

XoXo Kitteh

3 thoughts on “{I apologize/HAPPY CANADA DAY! :3}”

  1. Kitteh

    I think you got mixed up on the name of the manga on your layout. Its Hana Ni Arashi, not Hana Ni Nare. It’s an honest mistake. By the way, thanks for all the hard work you put into this website, I really appreciate it. Even though I’ve already read most of the manga on this site, its nice to read your reviews on them.

  2. YOU ARE SO RIGHT. I’m sorry. I always mix them up even though one is absolutely horrible and one is freaking amazing. Thanks for pointing it out cause I would have never found out. :)

    And thanks so much! I will try and post some more series reviews soon.
    I really appreciate the nice comment! Thanks! :D

    XoXo Kitteh

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