{So Exhausted…} NEW LAYOUT!

SO IT’S FEBRUARY! Meaning a new layout with a lovey dovey theme from Candy Life.
So even if you hate the dreaded V-Day or you are lucky and have someone to spend it with, at least find some time to curl up with a good romance manga! This month I’m going to concentrate on manga that is filled with beautiful love with a little less drama/tragedy. :3

Layout Stats:
Series: Candy Life
Brushes: psbrushes.net (Yes it is wrong on the header)
By: Kitteh (ME)

I wish I didn’t need sleep… or maybe if I loved sleep a little less…

ANYWAYS! Still working on my film stuff while TRYING to R&R.

I bought volumes 3-7 of Body on the weekend.
I read it online a while ago and now that I go back to it I remember it all.
It seems to be getting worse as it goes on… but I will provide an in depth report on that later.

So again, updating is hard. Two weeks ago was a bust but last week was pretty good.
So please remain faithful and come back every weekend (at least). I’ll updates at least ONCE a week. :)


PS: I am in computer tools class learning how to use photoshop right now… guess who knows more then the teacherrrr? XD

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