Defying Kurosaki-kun

Name: Defying Kurosaki-kun 
Mangaka: Makino

Volumes: 19 (Complete)
Licensed: Kodansha
Current Licensed Volumes: V.19 (Digital – Complete)
Type: Manga
Genre: Romance, Drama
Age Group: Mature

“I demand absolute obedience.” Yu Akabane has worked hard to reinvent herself for high school, and there’s only one step left in her plan to leave her plain Jane days behind: asking out her idol, the “White Prince” Shirakawa-kun. When circumstances lead to Yu moving into the school dorm where Shirakawa-kun boards, she thinks she’s found her lucky break. But unluckily for Yu, “Black Devil” Kurosaki-kun, the boy everyone at school (including the teachers!) is afraid of, lives there too—and when Yu defies him, he’s all too eager to punish her …

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Graphics Rating: 4/5
Plot Rating: 4/5

Opinion: The graphics are really nice. Not super unique but I really enjoy them! Guys and girls look great.

Ok so I love this series. Like I really really like it. It has a lot of hate reviews on mangaupdates (lol) but I genuinely haven’t read a manga that excites me and interests me this much since Black Panther.  So I will start with saying it isn’t ground breaking by any means, it’s very straight forward and honestly very much like Black Panther: Pushy Tsundere guy like girl but wont say it and girl likes pushy guys friend. If you don’t like cliches or semi predictable books stop reading romance, stop reading shoujo and josei. Cliches and tropes are there for a reason: they work. 

Besides the point, if you aren’t looking for the next classical piece this series is really fun. The heroine is trying to become more confidant and doesn’t want to be plain and it’s interesting. I can relate. 

As for the main guy, look, I like pushy and possessive tsunderes. That’s just my thing. IRL Consent is always important and I understand that so just let me enjoy tsunderes in my manga. 

To be fair, this series is at volume 12 and I’ve only read 4 volumes. This does have an opportunity to go upside down? I don’t know how it will stay interesting for that long but only time will tell! 

Final Rating: 4/5

Extra: None

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