Bee-Sting Babe and the Gorgeous Guy

Name: Bee-Sting Babe and the Gorgeous Guy (Chippai Kanojo to Bijin Kareshi )
Mangaka: Neco

Volumes: 1
Licensed: eBook Renta! 
Current Licensed Volumes: Ch.08
Scanlations: None
Scanlator: None
Type: Manga
Genre: Romance, Drama
Age Group: Mature
Summary:  Though she’s a tomboy with a hangup over her tiny chest, Iori has a crush on Sota Seto, who is the pastry chef at the cafe where she works. Iori was sure that he wasn’t interested in her until one day, he suddenly professes his love for her and goes on to kiss her. She sees him unclothed for the first time – and my, he’s huge!! She never would have expected the graceful man’s lips to be caressing her all over. It’s terribly embarrassing, but she discovers that his you-know-what isn’t gross at all…

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Graphics Rating: 4/5
Plot Rating: 3/5

Opinion: It’s really really really cute! This series is also my first experience with E-Renta, I’ll write another post just about that later.

So to start the graphics are really beautiful. They are simple and do give me a more shounen vibe while being unmistakably shoujo. The girls and guys are drop dead gorgeous it’s rare to find good mature shoujo that have men drawn that well. Usually art like that ends up in Yaoi.

As for the characters they are all so sweet. The girl is a tomboy with insecurities about her small chest and the main guy is so ridiculously understanding I love it. A really cute look at a first romance awkwardness and growing together.

Plot is pretty basic nothing ground breaking. It isn’t surprising as it is supposed to be a oneshot but there ARE oneshots out there that can be thrilling. It’s sweet but very vanilla, I each chapter could be it’s own one shot there isn’t anything really exciting about it.

On the other hand the obvious draw to this series is the smut. I have complained for years about the low availability of josei/shoujo smut that are licensed and I find E-Renta, the smut palace. The smut is really nice and fairly consistent every chapter which is why the story seems a little lacking but if you’re here for the smut it’s great.Final Rating: 3/5

Extra: None

Final Rating: 3/5

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