Ya caught me

So I haven’t been around. Yes I went on vacation but I was just dicking around for a week after I got back. Lots of stuff happened.
On September 7th a LOT of shit hit the fan. Which is weird cause it all happened August 7th.
Cars got broken, feet got broken, cars broke down, purses got stolen, and someone died.
… and then I went to the cottage the next day! :D
Cottage was boring and frustrating. I was contemplating life and death by myself in the middle of nowhere with no internet or friends.
My mother and grandmother are virgos (no offence virgos, but when shit hits the fan for you guys its ridiculous. WAY to emotional) and yeah, lots of yelling.
I couldn’t sleep cause my mother snores like a beast. And my grandmother refused to let me sleep in. -death-

PERSONA 4 IS AWESOME! Only thing that saved me from jumping off a cliff. The game is ridiculous.
I haven’t beaten it yet but Im on the last month and I know how it ends so I’m in no rush…

And school is starting soon! :D Exciting. I’ll probably be on the internet more cause I don’t typically socialize during the school year.
My GenEd is Sociology of Family, which I am really looking forward to.

OH. AND! I bought manga. :)
-Gossip Girl [I will review this ;)]
-Skip Beat V.20 (Meh)
-Black Bird V.05 (Good)
-Honey Hunt V.05 (Good)
-Seiho Boys High School (EXCITING NEWS)

And, Sorry Sorry by Super Junior dedicated to Julia and especially AJ, who tried to do the dance while driving. Idiot. Haha.

XoXo Kitteh

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