So I was loafing too long on cleaning the final chapter of Heart for Willful Muse. So I did it.
I THOUGHT I now hated to clean scans and was going to quit… but I then had to clean pheromomania and I realized I just hated cleaning Heart. So I will continue to clean for Willful Muse! If you are interested in we are always looking for editors, cleaners, translators, quality checkers, ect.

Head on over to Willful Muse!

Extra, Extra, Extra
I am back on neopets on my most recent account Karnevale.
AND I’m in this awesome guild that has to do with anime, manga, fashion, music, and everything asian culture.
It’s gorgeous and if you are on neopets you should totally join.

The guild website also will have a lot of anime ect related graphics. Awesome!

I’m done hawking now. :P

XOXO Kitteh

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