{Welcome to the New Server!}

And here we have reached the new server!
Just to start off fresh I’d love to welcome any new comers who have stumbled upon my site.

This website/blog is dedicated to manga for women.
And things women like in general usually.

I have compiled a neat little list of shoujo/josei manga and compiled it into a database of information.
There’s a synopsis, a pic, not to mention links as to where to download and read. I make it real easy!
I also add an “opinion” to each review which is my opinion on the book. Agree or disagree I don’t care haha!

Every month I post updates on licensed manga I’ve reviewed being released in North America.
Once a week I post an update on scanlations of manga I’ve reviewed.
Once a week I also post a personal blog entry that includes k-pop music (usually).
I have also been known to post Scanlator news, Manga industry news, Series news, info on culture, and some cool products/sites I like.

A list of everything I’ve reviewed is here:

I also aim to put links everywhere and make sure that every graphic is a series you can read.

If you have any series you would like to see or anything you think the website should have just leave a comment! :P

XOXO Kitteh

Ps: Love to Ameli and GrönDag. You know why. Just wanted to make sure you got the credit on the new site too ;)

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