{Website Down and a Big Question}

So yesterday 09/28/2010 the website was down, for what I can assume was half the day.
I went on the host, and everything was working fine except my wordpress section.
The files weren’t touched or anything but everyone on the wordpress forum was convinced that it had to be my host.
Sorry, but no.

So I was wondering: Should I get a paid domain?
Paid domain means 100GB of bandwidth and unlimited disk space.
As well I would change the domain to www.yourgimmick.net (yourgimmick.com is actually a website on inventions. Who knew?)
I know I don’t need the space really but the idea of a new domain appeals to me.
Plus I want to avoid the down times like what happened yesterday.
So guys, you come here: Should I get a paid domain? Yes or no. Just leave a comment.
If no one says anything (which I’m just going to guess you will do) then I’ll wait till I really need it if ever.

On to my life? School, Work (Halloween store atm it’s crazy!) and my life.
I’m exhausted. But I’m still reading, still posting, and still trying to figure out ways to make the site better.

Love you guys!
Mellow out to Mind Shift by World Order

XoXo Kitteh

PS: Main Singer? SO HOT! ♥

1 thought on “{Website Down and a Big Question}”

  1. It would be great for you to have a paid domain, more profesional. But I guess it depends on what the cost is.
    I´ve been following you for maye a year or something, and do think you should go profesional.

    Thank you for the blog
    // GrönDag

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