{Ugh… just… Ugh}

You know when nothing is going right? And that feeling you get that you know this will suck later, but it’s okay now?
So school has been a bevy of bullshit along with juggling work. The real problem is that I’m trying to add sleep and play at the same time and it’s only making me stressed.

I’m actually also sick at the moment along with everyone else in my family. (=n=)

Oh and I’m fighting with a friend and he doesn’t know, yet, I think. AH!

And Nightmare After School v10 still hasn’t come in a month later, neither my MCR collectors edition junk that I ordered in OCTOBER. Bitches need to hurry the FUCK UP. GAH.

Anyways, I’m trying.

xoxo Kitteh

Justice with NewJack… cause it makes me feel better.

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