Top 4 Shoujo Vampire Manga

Midnight Secretary
Vampire Girl
Pureblood Boyfriend

Decided to do a new thing to bring back some of my favourite Shoujo manga… Top 4’s! Once a month I would like to do a new Top 4 with a new theme. Until I run out of themes I guess! Have a theme in mind? Leave a comment below!

It’s easy to love vampires, but the market has become so saturated since Twilight was released it’s hard to pin down which ones are really great. I have assembled a list of my favourite vampire shoujo manga, which some are actually my top favourites ever. Disagree with my list? Have changes? Put them in the comments!

Model by Lee So-Young


Model is like fine wine, it just gets better with age. The manwhas age or my age I don’t know but as time goes one I fall more in love with this series.

The art is MIND blowing. It is very unique and I get that the style won’t be for everyone. The way she draws all of the vampires and ghosts in this series is beautifully haunting. Some of Michaels own paintings in the books are so beautiful I would love to hang them on my own wall. It really adds to the feel of the story.

Plot is quite unique in that more of the plot is revealed as you go along. I have re read this series so many times and every time I feel like I uncover something new. The series tackles basic human nature and what it means to be human, and what makes a monster.

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Midnight Secretary by Ohmi Tohru

Midnight Secretary was fun not only because it was sexy, but also it approached the idea of vampires and groups of vampires in a interesting way.

The art is not my absolute favourite but it is nice. The plot is what keeps you hooked with plenty of cliff hangers. While not the most original or mind blowing series Midnight Secretary is addictive with a strong and independent female lead.

I’ll admit this series was the last to be added and isn’t winning any prizes, but its a great and engrossing read for 7 volumes.

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Vampire Girl by Fujiwara Kaoru

Vampire Girl

Vampire Girl is a surreal look at immortality, fate, and the red string of fate. I remember being completely blown away by this series and absolutely devastated when it finished. It’s a series that will haunt you for days after you put it down.

The graphics are beautiful but there is still that “horror” vibe to the art that most horror manga have. It is still very pretty at the same time and it really adds to the story.

The plot can be a bit of a confusing mystery if you take it at face value only. Tackling themes of human nature, relationships and destiny you will either be left confused or inspired. The series is short and sweet and definitely necessary reading for anyone who is looking for something more from their reading material.

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Pureblood Boyfriend by Shouoto Aya

Pureblood Boyfriend

Last on the list is my most recent obsession. While the other three series are based in fairly normal worlds, I feel like Pureblood Boyfriend really takes on the mantle of fantasy. Pureblood is a fun action adventure with vampires, werewolves, and a race against time to play a game.

The graphics are stunning and the series is very recent. The graphics are great to look at while it is fairly average for manga released right now. Cute guys and beautiful ladies makes everything fun to look at.

The plot is typical shoujo fair but I do enjoy the fun elements of the series. Collecting Stigmas, the dopey friends, the demon butler, it’s definitely a more well rounded series. Either way it’s totally addicting!

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Hope you enjoyed my list. This was way more work than I thought it would be but I hope you enjoy! Let me know your favourite Vampire Shoujo series in the comments!

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