Top 4: Shoujo Featuring Bad Boys

So last month I did a Top 4 about Possessive Lovers and I’m gonna kinda piggy back on that idea moving into Bad Boys. This Top 4 is a lot more PG featuring delinquents and bad boys. There is something so fun about the misunderstood bad boy whose heat is softened by the heroine.

Like the other Top 4 lists this isn’t an exact ranking, but a list of four series that fit the sub-genre. I love them all in their own unique way.

Oboreru Knife (Drowning Love)

Oboreru Knife is hands down one of the best Slice of Life manga I have ever read. The series follows a child model who moves out to the country side and falls for the local wild child bad boy Kou.

This series follows the heroine from childhood all the way to adult hood. It’s interesting to watch all the characters grow up. An enduring story of first love. Even as Kou refuses to give up his bad boy ways as a teen.

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Top 4 Bad Boy Manga Series Oboreru Knife. A teen male holds his hands around a teen girls neck under water as they stare at each other longingly.
Oboreru Knife by George Asakura


Screenshot from Mars: Teen girl give teen boy a painting
Mars by Fuyumi Soryo

Rei is the blue print for all bad boys in manga. He rides a motorcycle, smokes, shows up to school when he wants and lives in his own apartment while in high school. Paired with the mousey heroine Kira, Mars is the perfect high school mix matched couple romance.

Mars was created in the 90’s and is without a doubt a classic must read for anyone who enjoys shoujo manga.

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Lovenista (18+)

Hiromichi stands out in this list cause while he is definitely a hard hitting delinquent his secret passion is makeup! Of course his bad boys ways create a lot of issues for our heroine regardless.

I can’t get over Kayono’s art and the way she portrays bad boys. It’s really too bad that she stopped writing.

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Lovenista by Kayono

Candy Life (18+)

Candy Life by Ogawa

While Candy Life is short (1V) it is wild. The heroine must choose between the rich and caring CEO or his delinquent son.

The series really puts a perspective on what truly matters when it comes to love. Live in luxury or be poor and have passion.

Candy Life is also by Yayoi Ogawa so take a peek at Sumires sisters from Tramps Like Us.

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