{This is WAR!}

I’ve been keeping you up to date with things and now it has begun.
The publishers coalition has officially stomped all over Manga to Shokan.

“We hoped it wouldn’t come to this, but due to mounting legal pressure, we have been advised to remove all series serialized by the publishers in the coalition. This was a very difficult decision to make, and one we did not take lightly. Unfortunately this means we have had to remove the majority of our library, however we have been able to retain some manga, as well as most of our manhua and manhwa. We will be shifting the focus of the site more to manhwa and manhua (Korean and Chinese manga). For some of you, this may be your last visit to MangaToshokan, but before you leave we would appreciate it if you could fill out a short six question survey that we are going to share the results to the publishers. If nothing else, we hope it will make them aware of the consequences of their actions. Also if you could pass this survey on to other people we would appreciate it. Again, we apologize for this, but we don’t have any other options at this point.”

-Manga to Shokan

This sucks. BUT, we have an opportunity to fight back! There is the survey.
Now maybe they won’t read it… maybe they will. Either way they will learn that at some point or another they will have to deal with us because we will get those scanlations even without online readers. (IRC tutorial coming soon)

Take the survey: HERE

Remember to stay calm when answering the bottom part, screaming, shouting, and cursing will get you nowhere.
Some points I made that you may not want to forget:

“I find it extremely important to buy manga once it’s published.
I always do. I have bought every single manga that I have read online that has been published, and now have a massive collection. But I still read scanlations to read manga that haven’t or will never be scanlated.

What I don’t appreciate, is when publishers like Tokyopop pick up series like Life, Charming Junkie, Never Give Up, and other series, only to drop them when they feel the series have become too inconvenient to publish. Then they have the right to pick up more of my favourite series? What? Are they going to drop those too? It’s disgusting, and frustrating for fans like myself. Where am I going to finish reading these series? Please explain that to me.

And then as for 100% Perfect Girl, the only series I’ve bought from Net Comics, they decide to start selling the chapters online on the LAST VOLUME!? So I own every volume, EXCEPT the final volume. I would never pay for basic scanlations from a “publisher”. If I am going to purchase manga, I need to have it in my hands.

I will remain as faithful as ever to Viz, Yenpress, Del Rey, and any other publishers who may come up. But will always think twice about buying Tokyopop, and will never buy Net Comics again.

I understand your needs as publishers, now understand mine as a reader.”

We can beat this! Remember to point out broken links in the comments!

XoxO Kitteh

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