The Tarot Cafe

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Name: The Tarot Cafe
Manga-ka: Park, Sang-Sun

Licensed: Yes (Tokyopop)
Volumes: 7 Volumes (Complete)
Type: Manwha (Korean)
Genre: Fantasy/Drama/Mystery/Romance/Shounen-Ai
Age Group: Older Teen

Summary: Pamela is the owner of a Tarot cafe. People come for cakes and a fortune telling. At night though, the cafe gets some interesting guests like Vampires, Fairies, and Spirits. Follow the lives of the super natural in this enthralling mystery filled with pain, love, and danger.

Graphics Rating: 4/5
Plot Rating: 5/5

Opinion: Everything about this series is perfect. It’s rated for older teen because there are many themes that would be lost on someone younger. The plot is extremely deep and touching. The graphics are superb, gorgeous in every way. Usually I dont like fantasy but this was really nice. There are a lot of tarot cards (duh) so you can learn a lot from reading this series, but I just skipped over the learning. (I’m lazy) The first volume starts off shallow but as the story goes on (especially the last two) the deeper story is revealed and it is SO GOOD. By far THE BEST ENDING I have ever read. You are still surprised despite the perfect planting leading to the ending. Usually the planting is so obvious and you can guess the ending but I was completely blindsided. Definitely a must read. The characters are all very unique, beautiful, and fun.

My one complaint is that there is quite a bit of shounen-ai. I was getting mad at the beginning but the main plot makes up for it ten fold.

Final Rating: 5/5

Extra: I actually only have volume one and am now on a never ending quest the find the rest. So a warning, if you only plan on buying the series it is pretty old and hard to find. I found it in a discount bin.

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