The Story of Our Unlikely Love

Name: The Story of our Unlikely Love (Kimi ga Kirai na Koi no Hanashi)
Mangaka: Mizuki Sora

Volumes: 2 (Complete)
Licensed: Kodansha (2 Volume -Complete – Digital)
Type: Manga
Genre: High School
Age Group: Teen

Good-natured Chihiro Hiyoshi takes being the class rep seriously, but her partner, Haruka Kizaragi does not. He’s got too many rumors swirling around him, but when a chance meeting brings them into each other’s lives for just a moment, they form an unsteady bond. But bad boy Haruka may be too much for a good girl like Chihiro to handle…but something in her may have just awoken a hidden softness in him, too.
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Graphics Rating: 4/5
Plot Rating: 3/5

Opinion: How good this series is really depends on how many shoujo series you have read and how many tropes you know. From the description I was expecting something like “Defying Kurosaki-kun“. Instead we get a no name version with no passion.

The art is phenomenal and definitely the biggest draw of the series. It isn’t very unique at all but both guys and girls are drawn really well. Fairly detailed this style has been very popular for the past 5 years or so.

The characters are absolutely hollow and vanilla. The heroine is a typical goody two shoes who can’t say no. The male lead is a bad boy who doesn’t like to make friends. In the end they are both incredibly 1 dimensional and boring.

When it comes to their relationship there’s no spark. I kept waiting for that Doki Doki moment, the “can’t wait to read the next chapter/volume” moment and it never came. I found myself super bored and disappointed.

If you have nothing else to read this series isn’t BAD. It just isn’t GREAT despite quite a lot of potential.

Final Rating: 3/5

Extra: N/A

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