The One

Name: The One
Mangaka: Nicky Lee

Volumes: 18 (Complete)
Licensed: No
Scanlations: V.18 Ch.110
Scanlator: Mellylemon
Type: Manwha
Genre: Romance/Drama/Fashion
Age Group: Teen

Summary: Cane Lele is determined to avoid being a model like her deceased parents, until she falls head over heals for an American model named Angus. Lele finally signs a contract with her aunt who owns a popular modeling agency. Lele faces the many struggles of a rough industry, and also finds love on the way?

Graphics Rating: 4/5
Plot Rating: 3/5

Opinion: Pretty unique. The graphics are unique so they may not be to everyone’s taste. The boys are gorgeous and the love story in the main story is cute, basically choosing between twin brothers. Not enough romance to my liking though. It tapers off near volume 5. Scanlations are pretty rough. If I was the scanlator I’d be a tad embarrassed but at least she’s getting chapters out. The main story line is a typical fashion/model idea, which is played out really well. Sometimes I had to skip through some parts cause I just didn’t care but otherwise a fair read.

Final Rating: 4/5

Extra: Not available

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