The Honey-Blood Beauty and Her Vampire

Name: The Honey-Blood Beauty and Her Vampire (Mitsugetsuhime to Vampire)
MangakaFuyuori, Toma

Volumes: 4 (Complete)
Licensed: Kodansha (4 Volumes: Digital)
Type: Manga
Genre: Fantasy/Supernatural
Age Group: Teen

Kagari Tojyo is smart and beautiful…but what really draws a crowd is her rare “honey blood”—a crowd of vampires, that is! Enter Ryotaro, her bodyguard and a vampire himself…with quite the perverted, sadistic streak! What’s Kagari got to do to have a “normal” life?
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Graphics Rating: 2/5
Plot Rating: 2/5

Opinion: I really wanted to like this. The world seemed really interesting, but it fell REALLY flat.

To start I really didn’t like the art? It had moments where it just seemed very unpolished. Definitely more angular and maybe a bit more Shounen than I’m used to? It wasn’t terrible but it wasn’t a big draw either.

So like I mentioned the world and the plot seemed interesting, but the 4 volumes barely scratched the surface. The characters seemed really shallow and overall was super underwhelming.

I was thinking this was the Manga-ka’s first series but it definitely isn’t…

If you really need to read Vampire manga I’d check this out from the library or borrow from a friend. Not really worth the money at all.

Final Rating: 2/5

Extra: None

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