So if you tried to access the website in the past two hours, you would have noticed that there was just a blank page of doom.

Funny story:

So I was going to put up another review when I was thinking how AWESOME it would be to have the header clickable.
So I tried a code I found and funcked up the whole thing. (Smart)
In the process of trying to fix it I managed to mess it up so entirely I had to completely re-install… EVERYTHING.
I was so scared out of my wits for the past 2 hours that I had lost EVERYTHING on the site. Nearly peed my pants.

But as you can see the new layout is up and everything is fine, and I am NOT touching that header with a ten foot pole.
So I WILL bring you a review tomorrow. It was gonna come tonight but it’s 1:30 AM and I have a 12 hour school day tomorrow (AWESOME)

Just making this post to show you how special I am.