{Halloween is OVER}

*****This is what happens when you eat too much Halloween Candy

So I just want to thank everyone who comes my website. It has been becoming a lot more popular recently and I only hope things can get better from here! :)

I have not been able to post for the past week due to work and school but I had time to read and review a series so you will be getting a review today!

Now that halloween is over I’m going to be changing the layout soon so I’m working on a Boys over Flowers Topper; very cute.

Hope you you enjoyed your halloween and I’m going to encourage everyone to continue reading my blog. I’ll try and bring you as much shoujo as I can! :)

PS: Never stop trick or treating. My friends and I went trick or treating even though we are 18/19. One guy was even collecting candy in a LCBO bag (LCBO is a canadian liquor store). I got an WHOLE Aero bar ;) It pays to be young at heart.