Usagi Drop: Bunny Drop

Name: Usagi Drop (Bunny Drop)
Mangaka: Unita, Yumi

Volumes: 9 (Complete)
Licensed: Yen Press (Set to release Volume 1 March 2010)
Type: Manga
Genre: Josei/Slice of Life/Comedy
Age Group: Mature

Summary: Returning to his family’s estate for his grandfather’s funeral, thirty-something bachelor Daikichi is floored to discover that the old man had an illegitimate child with a much younger lover! Needless to say, the rest of the family is shocked and embarrassed by this turn of events, and not one of them wants anything to do with the little girl, who refuses to say a word. In a fit of angry spontaneity, Daikichi decides to adopt her! But is living with an overgrown teenager who can barely take care of himself the key to making Rin come out of her shell?

-From Manga Updates

Graphics Rating: 3/5
Plot Rating: 1/5

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