{We can be SO Amazing}

So here’s a new layout. Doesn’t look awesome when you click on a specific manga but that doesn’t matter… My bad.
ANYWAYS. So it is holiday themed:

Manga: Aishiteruze Baby *Yes I know it’s wrong on the topper smarty pants*
Brushes: Psbrushes.net
By: ME!

I celebrate christmas but my family tends to be a bit down on the holiday. It doesn’t help that my grandfather died on Christmas Eve. We don’t really decorate a tree SO I decorated the WEBSITE FOR FUUUN! I enjoyed myself. You better love it. MUWAH.

Last, last week I bought a TON of manga that came out. I bought at least 200$ worth of manga. (Thank you PP for the nice paycheck! :) ) So I was busy reading those. If you have any comments please say them. It makes me happy. If you have any requests just ask.

Enjoy the holidays and enjoy manga! Tis the season. :)

{New Layout in time for Halloween}

Anyways. So new layout!

Manga: The One
Brushes: PSBrushes.net
Maker: ME!

So I decided it was time for a new layout, and I just LOVE halloween.
Since I have nothing better to do in class (cause who takes notes in Sound Class?), I coloured in this picture from The One. (Which is getting better every chapter)
So here you go. Vampires that aren’t Vampire Knight for Halloween.