{Open Letter to all Tools}

They say that imitation is the highest form of flattery, and I agree.

I LOVE that I’ve been able to inspire people to form their own shoujo review sites. But what I don’t appreciate, is completely ripping off my site right down to the format. That is ridiculous.

You KNOW who you are. I wouldn’t bother putting you on some shitlist because even mentioning your name is a sad promotion of your low class site. I’ll have you know that I have been working on this site for YEARS from its beginning on freewebs. Before my site I had never seen a site like mine. I decided to show what information in what format after a long process. Everything about my site is original. You are nothing but a cheap knock off.

UPDATE: Problem has been solved after a chat with the website owner. But, I want to leave this up as a reminder to others who think they can just rip me off: don’t do it. Be an original. Don’t make me your enemy when we share a common love of shoujo manga. We can be the best of friends! ;)

On a upside I’d like to encourage everyone who wants to open their own site I fully endorse it. Just remember to be original and put everything in your own way! :) I’d like to give a shout out to GrönDag who has her own site! Here is a link (just click the banner)

If you guys ever need any help with layouts or html just holler. I’m really a nice person, I just can’t stand people with sticky fingers. :3

{Boycott Mangahut}

I’m am SICK and TIRED of putting up with Mangahut.
Mangahut is the scum of the online manga reading world.

You may be familiar with Tazmo and his shenanigans of charging regular fans to read manga that people put there time and effort into for FREE. That’s right. FREE! And HE makes money off of that.

Here are their crimes against Manga:

-They don’t follow any of the scanlators rules
-They recently started charging for downloads and “no ad’s”
-All the hard work is coming from the regular people like us who actually upload the chapters
-Their adverts are ridiculously intrusive. I’ve been transfered to some site “China City” a million times before I even click anything on the site. And then I can’t go back unless I go through my history. And I can imagine that mangahut gets money every time someone ends up on that site.

They are making MONEY of the scanlators work, the people who READ manga, AND the people who help put up the manga. It’s like they are pushing our faces in the DIRT and laughing at us.


There are are other options like AnimeA, Mangafox, and Onemanga who provide all the same stuff without the paying bullsh*t. They have Ads but it’s to keep their servers afloat. I’m surprised that with the size of Mangafox they don’t have more ads.

If you have money to burn, donate to one of the many scanlator sites that struggle to pay their server fees each month.

In conclusion I will no longer be putting up links to mangahut, and will also be deleting all previous links to mangahut

I encourage everyone else to do the same; don’t let them treat you like that.

-Shoujo Beat No More-

In a total WTF?! WHY? move, the popular anthology magazine from Viz, Shoujo beat is no more.
Shoujo Beat was an anthology magazine with chapters of manga inside. All the manga were aimed at female readers.
I was wondering why I couldn’t find the august edition…or the september edition…cause July was the last one!

“The final issue of Shojo Beat magazine will be the July 2009 issue which is on newsstands June 16th.

We are very proud of the past issues of Shojo Beat magazine and the efforts of the entire team. The magazine developed quite a fan base but unfortunately in today’s difficult economic climate we felt the need to place our resources elsewhere at this time.

Of course all of our great shojo manga titles previously serialized in Shojo Beat magazine will still be published and available as graphic novels under the Shojo Beat imprint from VIZ Media.

Each Shojo Beat Subscriber will be receiving a free copy of the August issue of
SHONEN JUMP magazine with the pertinent information on what their subscription/refund options will be.”

-From Shoujo Beat website

So yeah. I hate the recession now cause it just ate my favourite anthology.
Not to mention Chapters stopped carrying Yen Plus.
BUT WHY THE HELL IS SHOUNEN JUMP STILL ALIVE?! -screams and throws things-
I’m going to go wallow for a bit and then sleep. This is Bullsh*t.

Koi Uma: Good at Love

Name: Koi Uma (Good at Love)
Manga-ka: Nagae, Tomomi

Licensed: No
Scanlations: V.05 Ch.22 (Hiatus)
Scanlator: Alice Dreams
Volumes: 6 Volumes (Complete)
Type: Manga
Genre: Romance/Comedy/Smut
Age Group: Mature

Summary: When Shiina’s family goes bankrupt, the former rich and innocent Shiina is forced to find a job to support her mother and sick father. Shiina is informed that her grandfather left her a small hotel, but when she goes to see the hotel it turns out it isn’t a hotel at all! Instead its a brothel. Bad boy Ryuichiro is the manager and doesn’t seem like he will be able to put up with Shiina.

Graphics Rating: 3/5
Plot Rating: 3/5

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