{I’m awesome!}

Wow I think that’s the first time I updated for a full week.
Anyways. I am so freaking tired but I’ll update today.
I have two jobs and one of them is selling halloween crap so I barely I have time to think from now to Halloween.
Updates may be a bit slow next week.

So take the little break and read all the manga I’ve suggested. ;)

{New Layout in time for Halloween}

Anyways. So new layout!

Manga: The One
Brushes: PSBrushes.net
Maker: ME!

So I decided it was time for a new layout, and I just LOVE halloween.
Since I have nothing better to do in class (cause who takes notes in Sound Class?), I coloured in this picture from The One. (Which is getting better every chapter)
So here you go. Vampires that aren’t Vampire Knight for Halloween.