Honey Hunt

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Name: Honey Hunt
Manga-ka: Aihara, Miki

Licensed: Licensed By Viz
Volumes: 6 (Discontinued – Hiatus)
Type: Manga
Genre: Romance/Drama/Harem/Film Industry
Age Group: Teen

Summary: Timid Yura has a sad life. Her mother is a huge actress and her father is a famous violinist, so life must be amazing, right? Wrong. Yura is bullied by her mother whose never home and her father is in America. The breaking point is when Yura comes home to find out that not only are her parents getting a divorce; but her mother is having an affair the boy next door. Who just so happens to be Yura’s childhood friend and major crush. Determined to destroy her mother Yura decides to leave home and become an actress. Too bad she’s so shy and awkward. Love interests include her manager, a musician, and the musicians cute twin who will act beside Yura in a drama. Can it get any better?

Graphics Rating: 5/5
Plot Rating: 3/5

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