{Hurricane Sandy and Youma-Con}

*Hakuji (When I think wet I think of changing lol)

I’m updating again! Yay!
I don’t know where you guys are but if you are on the East Coast in Canada or more so the US you are probably currently expiriencing Hurricane Sandy. In the states you have it off the worst but in Canada it’s been rainy and super windy as well with power outages ect.
I just want you guys to know I hope you are safe wherever you are and take care during this stormy weather.

Also! On Thursday I will be leaving my home in Canadada for Youma-Con, Detroit’s biggest anime convention.
This will be my first American convention so I’m excited. I actually haven’t been to the states since NY City four years ago!
Anyone else going? Wanna party? ;)
Just hoping Sandy will be done by then. (Probably not)

Anyways I am updating again. (Won’t jinx it)
I’m going to be at Youmacon this weekend.
And stay safe!

xoxo Kitteh
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