Merry Christmas!

*Here’s a yummy piece that you can gawk at while I’m away. It’s Gackt! <3

So I just found out an hour ago that I will be leaving to go to my grandmothers at midnight rather then tomorrow morning. I haven’t packed or anything but my first instinct was to give something to you guys! At midnight I’ll post a series review just before I leave (for Christmas Eve).

I just downloaded Paradise Kiss the whole series for the four hour ride to my g-ma’s. So expect that review when I get back boxing day. I still don’t know what manga I’ll download for the ride back. Hmm.

Anyways. My grandmother has no idea what internet is let alone how to use a computer. So I will have no internet access to give you guys a Merry Christmas post so here it is. Have lots of fun on your Christmas. Spend it with family and/or loved ones. Eat a lot of food and have a blast! Hope you get everything you wanted! To those who don’t celebrate Christmas enjoy the long weekend! In my spare time for the next three days I’ll probably be cleaning Heart scans for Willful Muse and playing the Sims 3.

See you when I get back! MUWAH! <3