The Snow Queen

*Note: Recently I ordered Volume 8, 9, and 10 of 100% Perfect Girl and OF COURSE volume 10 comes in first. How sad. Decided to get my Wann fix through another series. Here you go. :)

Name: The Snow Queen
Mangaka: Wann

Volumes: 2 (Finished)
Licensed: No
Scanlations: V.02 Ch.18 (Complete)
Scanlator: RC-Scans (Closed) and Noir
Type: Manhwa
Genre: Tragedy/Drama
Age Group: Teen

Summary: There once was a man called the most brilliant intellectual. And a woman with everything standing at the death’s door. Their hearts were so completely frozen solid that nothing could melt them. What kind of light was it that could melt their hearts? …Love…? If the answer was love, isn’t it beyond absurdity?


Graphics Rating: 4/5
Plot Rating: 3/5

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