What up guys? I’m so gangster and so pro.
LOVE my school to death. Having fun.
I’m back to cleaning scans for Willful Muse. Didn’t quit but did drop off the edge during summer.
The LG Gossip, it’s awesome, I have early evenings and weekends along with unlimited texting, and unlimited browsing. (FIDO)
Thinking of becoming a twitter twat because my friends are insistent. I’ll totally post it so I can talk about nerdy junk haha.
*If you are my friend and you read this, talk to me and I’ll give you my new number. :)

So I’ve been re-reading After School Nightmare and bought Maid-sama V05 while renewing my Chapters iRewards card (25$!), so I haven’t been reading as much online but I have stuff to post.

Need to spend more time on neopets… need to write my drama script… need to clean scans. GYAR.

XOXO Kitteh

Miss A: Bad Girl

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