{Still laughing it up}

So I went to the amusment park (Wonderland) the other day and has a blast.
My friend Aj bought be another Pokewalker cause I lost mine… LOVE HIM I DO.
It’s still hot as heck here.
I’m working my butt off to get money.
I’m making a Sailor Uranus costume and it is super complicated. -_-
I ordered my Persona 3 Chie costume ;)
Resonance of Fate owns my life and its ridiculously hard.
I’m spending a lot of my time on my guild forum: join if you wanna chit chat ;) Kami Forum

I feel like reading so I may put up a review this week, but I’m not going to make promises which I usually break.

I leave you with DBSK and Mirotic? Wassat?

XOXO Kitteh


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