{Still Alive and Kicking}

Hey guys, I’m not dead. Good to know right?
So I had my birthday party and then Anime North (Convention) so I was a little tied up the past two weeks.
Not to mention I was also finishing Billion Girl cleans for Willful Muse. Intense.

At the convention I bought 60+ manga. In-fucking-tense. All for under 260 Canadian dollars.
It was magical.

Instead of the regular music video I’ve attached a vid about my con haul. What I got, and at the end what happened.

xoxo Kitteh

2 thoughts on “{Still Alive and Kicking}”

  1. I had to pause the video midway so I could howl jealously. xD

    But seriously, major congratulations on your excellent haul! (I seriously need to start going to Cons if you can find deals like this :D.)

    That sucks about your friends and drama, though. I hope it all gets worked out <33

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thaaanks! Go to Cons! For manga they are honestly God.
    And they’re usually really fun but you need to surround yourself with the right people ;)

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