Spam Mail Hunter

Name: Spam Mail Hunter
Mangaka: You, Na

Volumes: 10 (Complete)
Licensed: Drama Queen (Very complicated. See the “Extra” section)
Scanlations: V.08 Ch.35
Scanlator: Flowers of Evil
Type: Manhwa
Genre: Sci-fi/Fantasy/Action
Age Group: Teen

Summary: The spam-mail boom of the near future: The great advances of technology, a new generation of improved systems, and ideal computer programs have caused a backlash. The IT world has advanced significantly to the point where humanoid “Spam” mails are causing trouble for their humans. In the near future, hundreds of thousands of spammers have caused incalculable destruction to the mainframe of the lives of everyday citizens. Enter “SM” Hunters to save the humans from our own creations. Can “Spam” ever be good?

-From Manga Updates

Graphics Rating: 4/5
Plot Rating: 4/5

Opinion: Very pretty graphics. Gorgeous boys and girls.

The story hasn’t gone anywhere (really) but I am so enveloped in the story. The whole premise is very creative and interesting. I love the characters and I can’t wait to see the relationships between everyone. It can be confusing at times but I’m sure if I read the licensed scans I’d understand. Every sci-fi story is hard to understand in the beginning… but oh wait! There is a complication:

This is a work of AWESOMENESS. But unfortunately the series has been licensed by a publisher that has already dropped it. As well the scanlators RC-Scans has died so there is no future for this series in English. UNLESS… a new group picks it up but it is very unlikely. For those of you who have hope. Go ahead and read. It really is amazing.

Final Rating: 4/5

Extra: Okay, so it IS licensed. BUT… you will never be able to buy it. It is licensed by a publisher, but there is no trace of the series on their website or anywhere else. It DOES exist because Indigo USED to own it… and it IS on the site… but it says temporarily unable to order new. Meaning it’s been dropped. Meaning you are FUCKED. Really good series though. -sob-

: Spam Mail Hunter is on Noir’s “To do” list! And we love Noir yes we do! I’ll keep you posted.

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