Name: Skip Beat
Mangaka: Nakamura Yoshiki

Volumes: 41 (Ongoing)
Licensed: Viz
Scanlations: V.26 Ch.180
Scanlator: 15 different groups
Type: Manga
Genre: Romance/Drama/Comedy
Age Group: Everyone

Summary: Kyoko moves to Tokyo from a rural town with her childhood friend/love, Sho, so he can become an idol. Unfortunately when he makes it he leaves Kyoko behind, saying he only brought her as a maid. Furious and determined to get back at him Kyoko decides to do whatever she can to make it in the entertainment business. Revenge has never been so funny.

Graphics Rating: 3/5
Plot Rating: 4/5

Opinion: An absolute must read. The graphics are a tad on the older side and not as nice, but the plot is AMAZING. No other manga has ever made me laugh so much. A perfect balance of love and determination, as well as secrets. Even after reading volume 17 there are still many unanswered secrets, which is hard to find these days. Highly addictive. If you only read one manga in life make sure its this one.

Final Rating: 4/5

Extra: There’s an anime out there.

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  3. Hey, Umm… I can’t seem to download Skip Beat. I even tried to sign up but I keep facing problems so I was hoping there was another place where I can read the latest updates?

  4. Hey,

    Sorry for the late response. What problems are there? I have signed up and everything is working.
    The problem is that Skip Beat is licensed in North America so there are very few places to read it online or even to download.


  5. Hey~ You should review her other manga- Tokyo Crazy Paradise too! :3

  6. Ah~ I’ve been trying to get through it but the graphics in the beginning grate on me. But I definitely think it’s worth another try. n_n

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