{She’s a dissappearing act}

*Pheromomania Syndrome

Hi my beautiful lovely lovelies.
I know I’ve been gone a month (or so) and a few things have happened.
I dropped one of my best friends and then went head strong into working.
You think I’d have more time off just doing work rather then work and school, but not really.

Month of September I’ve been working every day except Saturdays. (Even holidays)
I’m having fun and making mad money so who cares. :)
I work at Party City, so Halloween is our “Christmas” so it shall remain busy until the end of the month.

My free time then has been divided between the Sims, my new Wii (Twilight Princess), and friends/family.
I haven’t been reading much at all other then the new releases this month. (OMG SKIP BEAT)

Give me suggestions and I will do my best to read and review.
If you take the finding new stuff out of the equation I definitely have time to sit and read, then review.

Anyways, love you, miss you, hopefully I’ll be more active soon.
xoxo Kitteh

Wonder Girls – Like Money

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