Sekine’s Love

Name: Sekine’s Love
Mangaka: Kawachi, Haruka

Volumes: 5 (Complete)
Licensed: No
Scanlations: V.05 Ch.32 (Complete)
Scanlator: Stiletto Heels
Type: Manga
Genre: Slice of Life/Romance
Age Group: Mature

Summary: Sekine Keiichiro is handsome, intelligent, and popular. He’s a jack-of-all-trades who’s loved by women. Loved, that is, until they find out he’s passionless and stoic and completely lacking in conviction. In a moment of self-reflection he starts hunting- can anything make him feel? He’s about to find out.


Graphics Rating: 3/5
Plot Rating: 4/5

Opinion: Graphics are ok. Very minimal and grown up. I still wouldn’t say Josei though..

This is hands down a slice of life manga. If you enjoy sweet mundane stories with random down to earth stirrings this is it. He seems to be such a normal guy and then you find out that he was raped… a lot… but he acts so indifferent about it. It’s just a repressed memory. But I think it really gives a reason as to how he treats other people. He seems so sweet though.

It’s captivating but frustrating at the same time because I genuinely don’t get him. He doesn’t make sense. But it makes for some great moments. I dunno… I really like it…

Final Rating: 4/5

Extra: None

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