Ookamitachi no Gohoubi

Name: Ookamitachi no Gohoubi
Mangaka: Hanaya, En

Volumes: 1 (Complete)
Licensed: No
Scanlations: V.01 Ch.04 (Complete)
Scanlator: Evil Flowers
Type: Manga
Genre: Drama
Age Group: Teen

Summary: When Sarashina Tsumugi arrives at her new boarding school which her late mother attended long ago she runs into two gorgeous guys arguing. Will these two wolves ruin Tsumugi’s perfect high school dream?

*In truth I wrote the summary but have you SEEN the summary on the mangaupdates page? Jesus.

Graphics Rating: 2/5
Plot Rating: 2/5

Opinion: Graphics are super cliche shoujo. Nothing special about it, and I don’t even like it that much.

When I found this project on MU I felt uneasy by the amount of Level 1 Ratings. Usually when this happens it turns out to be a miserable ordeal. But sometimes even highly rated series suck so I went ahead and read it.

It was really tacky and unbelievable. I think the problem with cliche is you definitely can have the same scenario a million times but in truth what makes something original is the characters. If both the characters and the plot is predictable and tacky there is no substance. There was no humanity to the characters, they were just pawns that the author used to make whatever story she wanted. This series was awful, the only redeeming quality being a oneshot.

On the other hand I really really enjoyed the 4th chapter which was more of a different side story. So cute! As a oneshot story I would totally give it a 3/5. Not perfect but definitely an interesting scenario for sure.

Final Rating: 2/5

Extra: None

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