{Omg YOU HAVE NO IDEA/Switching Servers}

Okay if you have followed this blog forever (doubt it), you will remember a time when I tried to make the head banner clickable and it blew up in my face. MISERABLE STORY HERE (How serendipitous that I messed up on October 8th last year and I got to mess up on October 1rst this year. It’s an anniversary of idiocy. )

Well. If you tried to access the site in the past 5 hours you will have noticed that nothing was working on/off.
I can assure you my tears have soaked into my laptop as I have been crying over it for the past 5 hours.
I managed to mess up in every single possible way when switching servers.

Switching servers?

With the support of one fan (love you GrönDag) and my friend Adrenias encouragement I’ve purchased a domain (YourGimmick.net) and have a new server over there. But yeah I’ve messed up royally tonight. Thank GOD everything is working now. Yes I will be paying for this new server monthly (10$), but I never set out to make money off of this site. This site will never have any ads and I will never EVER ask for “donations”. If the site becomes to big for itself then so be it. And if I can’t afford it at some point… then we will move back here. I see this as a hobby and the cost of running it is the same as a lunch at Starbucks. (vanilla bean frap and a thai tuna wrap -lovu!-)

Oh and Akismet is being a biatch and so I’m all HELLO SPAM! :D
Man when shit goes wrong it really goes wrong huh?

But the new layout is nice. b(n__n)b

Anyways. It’s 1:30 am. I have to write an essay. And I have class at 8:00am. FML

xoxo Kitteh

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