{Oh Yes!}

No matter where I go or what I do I always come back!
Ah, feels so good to be reviewing again!

New and improved! The banner is now click-able!
If you have been following me forever you would know that three years ago I tried to make the banner clickable and nearly deleted the entire website. I sat and cried for two hours. Haha.

I see quite a few of you joining the facebook group and that’s so awesome!
Keep it up and I’ll make it worth your while ;)

Also, do you guys miss the weekly updates of scanlations?
I was thinking about putting them on the twitter. Good idea? Bad?

ALSO ALSO! Wishing all you Americans an early Thanksgiving!
On Thursday I will leave on another trip, this time to the grand New York New York.
AKA New York City! I’m going over for a shopping trip during Black Friday until Sunday.
Which is exciting since being from Canadada this will be my first Black Friday and +, NEW YORK!
So if I disappear for a bit… yeah.

xoxo Kitteh

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