Oh hai!

I’m running out of titles. D:
This past week: I worked a lot. Went to Pacific Mall with the homies Aj and Dante. (AJ COME TO MY SITE NAO)
Went to TWO rad parties. (Props to Dante and Brad for being magnificent party throwers)
I bought two pairs of shoes (Roos and some bs skater shoes lol), Persona 3, and a Puma purse.

Oh my god, Persona 3 Portable just makes my life complete. I love it, SO MUCH. If you were thinking of getting it, just do it.
I bought a psp to play this game and I regret NOTHING. NOTHING! And if you haven’t played Persona 3 or 4 yet, I’m disappointed.

I’ve been working on my Sailor Uranus Costume. It’s looking AWESOME. Big thanks and love to all the other girlies helping/working.
If you are coming to FanExpo in Toronto there will be all the Sailor Scouts except Sailor Moon so come and find us. We are RAD.

I went to wonderland with Sydney and AJ yesterday. Fainted while waiting in line for water, which is kinda funny. Everythings all good now. Tomorrow I’m going to Rockwood Lake for my friend Eva’s 18th b-day. (HBD SEXY!)

Now, as for the future. >_>
I’m gonna be in Quebec at my cottage with my grandparents, mother, brother, brothers gf, and anyone who decides to show up from my family.
Good times shall be had but there is no internet. :)

Anyways, extra long post to keep my BFFFFFF Ashleigh informed cause I know she reads these.

XOXO Kitteh

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Brushes: PsBrushes

Someone (my mom) is making me grilled cheese. MMM.

Listen to: We Speak no Americano by Yolanda B-Cool & DCup

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  1. Lol its so true I do read these! thanks for the update love, I really miss you D: your post is making me cry (from sadness lol I’m such a baby) D: I’m glad your having an amazing summer though :D

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