{News: Viz liscenses Men’s Kou as Seiho Boys High School}

I stopped in “The Comic Book Shoppe” on Bank Street in Ottawa to be sadly surprised that they were all at Otakuthon in Montreal.
So their pickings were a little more then slim. But to my most pleasant surprise, I found Seihou Boys High School!
Without my knowing Viz picked up Men’s Kou by Izumi Kaneyoshi and has released it under the Shoujo Beat line.

Freaking exciting news!
The best part!? At the back of the first volume there is a short story involving Tetsu from Sonan Jyanaiyo, one of my favourite series ever!
Hopefully they will be licensing that next. They have already realeased Doubt!! by Kaneyoshi, so after Men’s Kou, Sonan Jyanaiyo would be naturally next right?
I hope so!

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  1. Apparently, when Tetsu was in middle school he met a college girl who was dating a married man. Since they both loved someone they couldn’t have they ended up hanging out and then “dating”. It was cute, but sad cause it kinda tainted Testu for me D:

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