{News: Last Chapter of Ouran High in September}

So it seems that Ouran High Host club will be finishing in September!

The October issue of Hakuskensha’s shōjo manga magazine LaLa has confirmed on Tuesday that Bisco Hatori’s romantic comedy manga Ouran High School Host Club will end with a 52-page chapter in the next issue on September 24. The magazine had already announced in June that the series was entering its final story arc.

To mark the end of the manga, LaLa launched a “Host Club: The Last Party” fan campaign to give away presents. The campaign included an illustration contest for fan art, as well as votes for the fans’ favorite “Title Page Illustration Selection” and favorite quotes from the manga (“The Best Collection”). The cast of Ouran’s anime adaptation then recorded the top-ranking quotes for a CD. The CD is being offered to readers via a mail-away offer starting in the October issue.

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Since I have only been reading the licensed copies I have no idea where the story has ended up, so I’m really curious! I’m really glad it hasn’t turned into one of those never ending series, and cannot wait to see Hatori’s new work! Maybe she will finish Millennium Snow?

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