{News: Kodansha Publishing in North America}

So apparantly Kodansha is planning on opening Kondansha USA publications.
If this is true it makes a lot of sense that they cut their ties with Tokyopop. And now it seems like the Del Rey titles are being taken over by Kodansha as well:

In a press release issued on Monday, the Japanese publisher Kodansha has announced that it will gradually take over publishing duties for manga titles currently published by Random House’s Del Rey Manga imprint in North America. Random House will distribute the Kodansha USA-published volumes as part of its Random House Publishing Services (RHPS) division. Dallas Middaugh, associate publisher for Del Rey Manga, will remain involved in the partnership by transferring to the RHPS division.

Del Rey’s Kodansha titles which have not yet been published in their entirety in English include xxxHOLiC, Fairy Tail, Air Gear, Negima, and numerous others.

Kodansha announced its intent to publish manga directly in the American market through a new Kodansha USA holding company in July of 2008. A year later, Tokyopop confirmed that all of its Kodansha licenses had ended.


So we won’t be seeing releases on Four-eyed Prince, Papillon, and Gakuen Ouji

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